Triangle 30th Anniversary Comete loudspeakers.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has heard the Triangle 30th Anniversary Comete loudspeakers. I am a fan of the Comete ES and EX speakers and I was wondering if the extra cost of the 30th Anniversay edition was justified. Thank you.
I'm with you Guppy. I would like to know about this speaker,as well.
Yes, the bass is deeper and highs are more detailed. I believe they are well worth some extra money.
The Comete 30th Anni. sound really good. I did not hear Triangle speakers before and I read on the forums them being bright but cannot say this for the Comete 30th. They are detailed yet not bright, the bass is tight and goes fairly deep. The speakers sound very accurate. I am not talking about professional monitor accurate which I usually find very cold. The Comete give you all the detail in a recording with warmth in the music. My room is not the best and if I had a better room, I am sure I would love them even more. It is in Stereophile's 2012 Recommended Class B (restricted LF) list and I think it deserves to be there. Excellent money/performance ratio.