Transport Help

Now I've done it. I went and picked a used Aragon D2A which has imporved the sound but now I'm told my Rotel 970 is not the best as a transport. So now I'm looking for a good used transport for around $500. Any recommendations? Is there a difference in newer technology? Should a guy strech the budget to get something that much better? Any help is appreciated.
Theta Basic Transport,they go for anywhere fror $400-$600 used and a very good transport.
Try a Muse Model Five which goes for about $500-$800 used. It is an attractive, solidly built, musical transport. I am running one in I2S mode with its companion DAC, the Muse Model Two Plus. It is a formidable combo!
Pioneer Elite PD-65 -- unbeatable at the price (roughly $400 used).