transparent reference balanced vs. reference xl ba

i am thinking about pugrading to
transparent reference xl balenced from reference balenced
i am using;
transparent reference bi-cables
transparent reference dig. cable
meridian 568 pre-amp
meridian 596 dvd
krell fbp 200c amp
805n signature speaker
is thr upgrade worth it to reference xl balenced interconects ???
If you can try it, buy a preamp instead with a hometheater pass through and you will be amazed... My friend had the older 565 and it really limited his system, now he runs transparent reference with xl SE, but he heard that balanced and now he's upgrading... I only have one reference XL SE and it is an improvement over my older reference with XL but until I have both and get my system setup again after moving I can not say...

Borrow a good balanced preamp and check that out!
Also if you haven't addressed power cleanup.. you need to do that NOW! try a PS Audio Powerplant for your front end or Hydra, etc... plenty of posts on these.

Nice setup!
I own all transparent ref with xl. I've heard the nex step up and you can definately hear it. Also, Transparent has a new line up. You can tell it becuase it has rounded sculpted network boxes, not rectangles. It's really a big improvement, not that what they had was bad. Better transparency, detail, bass, the same things you hear from the ref w/xl to ref xl. Only now you get 2 steps up, not one.