Transformer to convert AES/EBU to COAX BNC

A friend wants to test his DAC using my Ayre CX-7e MP CD player as the transport. The problem is my Ayre has an AES/EBU balanced digital 110 ohm output and his DAC has a COAX BNC 75ohm input. After some research, I found the Neutrik NADITBNC-F AES/EBU Transformer, 3-pin Female XLR 110 ohm In - BNC 75 ohm Out. This $32 device converts the 110ohm balanced output signal to the 75ohm input signal.

See link:

Has anyone used a transformer like this to convert a balanced 110 ohm to an unbalanced 75ohm signal? Will it sound okay after the conversation? Please let me know your thoughts.