Totem manis-opinion requested

I am considering getting Totem Mani-2s.My room is around 18"X13X, with an open entrance on one side of the speaker (where the speaker will be). The wall behind the speakers has Sonex acoustic panels ( really helped in absorbing some harshness) What is your opinion about these speakers - mainly in a relatively small romm like mine.
I owned a pair of these for 3 years and have tried them in many different rooms. They will work best in a room like yours - medium sized. The main thing about these great speakers is to use a good, high power solid state amp. The Sonex is very important as well as these speakers do not like a very live room. Give me an e-mail if you have any more quesions about set-up or amplifiers at [email protected] John
Isobarik woofers need lots of stable power. I heard a McCormack DNA-1 do a good job. Also, since imaging and bass are strengths for this speaker, be sure to get the best, most rigid stands you can find.
Any of the Totem speakers are amazing for the money.I have a pair of Tabu's and they are awesome.If my Tube gear could drive Mani's I would have them. However I am quite satisfied with the Tabu's.
Go for model 1s and spend the money saved on cables, you will be amazed how good these speakers are with cables costing as much as them!