Totem Dealers in Orange County/Los Angeles

I'm new to Audiogon and I'm having a hard time finding a Totem Dealer in Orange County or Los Angeles. Their website isn't much help. Thanks in advance.

Try the "Home Theater Doctor" in Redondo Beach. The store is at 1635 Aviation, just south of Artesia.

Home Theater Doctor
There is a great dealer in San Diego. Dan is a very knowledgeable guy, and I just bought a pair of Totem forest from him. Worth a trip down south.
Please call Totem direct at 514-259-1062 and ask for retailers in Orange County and Los Angeles:

This is the best way to get a list of Retailers in your area. Since you live in Southern California, you should consider attending the Home Entertainment Show from June 2 thru June 4. Please see

The Show is at the The Sheraton Gateway Hotel
Los Angeles
6101 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90045
Phone: 310-642-1111

Totem is in Salon 111.
Please allow me to piggy bank your thread. I am in Houston Texas. Would anyone know an authorized Totem dealer in Houston TX ? Thanks in advance.
This is the list Totem emailed me couple months ago.

Top Audio - Westminister, CA
GT Inter Trade - Corona, CA
Intelliworx Systems Inc. - Redondo Beach, CA
Home Theater Doctor - Manhattan Beach, CA
David Barrios Design - Fresno, CA
Stereo Unlimited - San Diego
Acoustic Evolution Inc. - Poway, CA
Westlake Audio Video - Westlake Village, CA
SoundVision - Lake Forest, CA

Hope you will find it useful.