Totem Arros and Jolida Jd707a, what cables?

I'm running Totem Arros and a Jolida JD707A, what cables would work great with this system? Again, they have to be bi-wire. Thanks guys!
Look into MAS Signature Hybrid here on Audiogon (sold by Audioparts, Inc). Also, Alpha Core Goertz MI-2.
I know this topic has been touched upon, but do you think that I could benefit from replacing the power cord? if so, which one if the budget is $250 for the cable. Also, is there anything else I can do with the system to make it the best it cane be?
You can occasionally find the Totem Tress cable in the classifieds. As the Arrows are internally wired with it's probably the best to go for as impedance and capacitance will match.