Torn FMJ33 vs 804C

I am torn as to which one to get. They seem to be such a differant animal. I listen mostly to red book cds because my old CD is a CAL DX1, so any of these two will be great.

The cd will be playing thru a ARCAM Alpha 10I and 2 Alpha 10P.
The speakers are Bamberg Series 5 MTM monitors
and BESL XLS Subwoofer
this has an active XO programmed by BESL in the form of a Behringer DCX2496 DSP.

Having said all of this I like to listen all types of music witha slight for Jazz. Will the arcam be better matched because it is played with Arcam gear? It would be great to run the CD player direct to the DSP can they both do it...

I would prefer a tight base with a smooth mid good sound stage and lots of headroom...

Any thoughts?

Thanks to all..
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