Top Ten Tube Amps of All Time?

Okay,Okay,heres a thread for you tube guys.Gotta remember Iam an old geezer 57 now. Been in this hobby since 1957. So when I started all there was,was tube and it was mono to boot. My early tube gear was Bogen then Fisher,the McIntosh. Not crazy about any of them. Do not have first hand knowledge of the newer gear,so I will get educated in this thread. I cast a vote for the McIntosh 240 amp. So all yo dyed in the wool tube guys heres your chance to vote for your all time best.

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conrad johnson PREMIER 5 monoblocs.A true collectors item. Treble and Midrange to die for with very good bass control. After having amps from bat,ARC,vac,all excellent amps,the premier 5's have a magic that's very hard to beat.It put's them in a class of their own.