Tonearm Lead

Can you use good quality shielded microphone cable as a tonearm lead from rca plugs to tonearm solder join?
Just a guess but I would say it depends on the quality of your TT setup.
Possibly,but I found that earthing can be problematic with particular tonearm,cartridge combinations and I need good shielding on a cable so I am looking at options.I see that microphone cable is well shielded-so can I use it?
I know that this string is long been dead but,,,,, I have made a phono cable with good microphone wire and put it between my SUT and the preamp.btw this wire should be shielded as your phono cable is. The thing to do (according to Bob or Bob's devices) is to ground the shielding at one end only.It sounded very good only to be bettered by Mike Morrow's PH1.