tonearm feedback

I have been having an intermittent problem with what I will call feedback in my turntable system. Basically, I can hear a sound sometimes when I touch the tonearm to move it into place, or lift at the end of a record, only in the right channel. That channel also sometimes drops out during an album side, for a few seconds at a time, sometimes not at all, sometimes 5 or 6 times per side. Usually it comes back on its own, sometimes if I wiggle the tonearm wire a bit. So of course, I assume its the connection at the tonearm, so I changed out the tonearm wire for one that seems snug. Same problem, not as often but still there, right channel only.
First question. Why would a loose cable connection cause sound in one channel when I touch the arm. The sound is similar to that if you were cleaning a stylus with the sound on.
Second, if anyone thinks this is a grounding issue, would grounding the turntable separately from the tonearm wire ground help.
My system is an Oracle Delphi V SE with SME345 tonearm and Lyra Delos cartridge feeding a Manley Steelhead.
Ok, I switched head shells and cartridge to dyna te kiatora run and the problem stopped. Still don't know the cause
Your intermittent problem is probably defective cartridge or poor head shell connection IMO. Put the cartridge on another arm/turntable as se if the problem goes away, then it is a bad wire connection or break.
Is it possible for a bad tube to cause the problem I am citing? I switched arm, cartridge and cable, and thought the problem went away, but it comes back every once in a while. Could a tube casue this problem? I am using a Manley Steelhead.
It sounds like faulty wiring in the tonearm to me. Could be broken insulation, wires/armtube occcasionally touching when moved or moving, or could be dry joint. Coating the internal wiring with nail varnish can help if the insulation has broken. A "french polish" would be appropriate for the Oracle.