to replace or not to replace accuphase DAC

Hi all, I would like to know your opinion regarding the following issue. I have an older Accuphase digital combo (DP-90/DC-91). This combo was considered to be no compromise state-of-the-art in 1992. In certain ways it is still no slouch compared to the current offerings of transports/DACs. Do you think it would worthwhile to replace the DC-91 DAC with a more contemporary one, like the Reimyo DAP-777 or Accustic Arts DAC? Or do you think it might be even better to replace the Accuphase combo (transport + DAC)? I would especially like to hear the suggestions of those who are familiar with the Accuphase combo or with Accuphase CDPs. Thank you.

I own an Accuphase 55V and was thinking to chanfe for euther a higher model from Accuphase or another CDP. I was lucky enough to hear some options in my system and finaly decided to stay as I was (and I am happy of taking that decision)

Clean your cable contacts, check your AC polarity and health, try some aurios feet and relax.

Thanks for your response Fernando. Which CDP's did you hear other than the Accuphase? What was the crucial factor for your decision to keep the DP-55V?

I can't respond to your request for Accuphase owners experience but I would like to share with you my own similar experience. I used to own a Levinson 36S/37 DAC/transport combo. After a complete system makeover (solid state to SET/horns) I replaced my Levinson digital gear last. I was not expecting a major change in sound. I assumed digital had peaked then plateaued in the mid to late 90's. Upon inserting the Reimyo CD player into my system, I was shocked to hear a significant change. I figured to hear a slightly different flavor but instead heard that everything was better. What surprised me the most was a new level of resolution and transparency which was supposed to be the Levinson's forte. I learned at that moment that digital has not stood still. My point in relating this is to suggest you listen to very recent state of the art digital gear. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the advances digital has made in the past 13+ years. Can't hurt to listen.
I'm thinking of the following options:
1. To replace my DAC with Reimyo DAP-777 or Accustic Arts DAC
2. To replace my transport/DAC.
3. To go for harddisk based music server.
4. Or not replace anything.

Chris - I heard the Accuphase versus other cdps like Wadia, CEC/Benchmark my previous Metronome and lower scaled cdps like Creek, Rotel and mod-pioneers at friends setups.

I heard the Accuphase at the dealer site here in Mexico, and always liked the Accuphase sonic signature, great detail, musicality and the ability to conect it directly to the CJ amps (it is actually connected that way).


Dazzdac (I like that name!),

The new series from Metronome are spectacular and the Kalista transport is nothing short of state-of-the-art. The Kalista has been reviewed as the most resolving/neutral transport out there and comparable to vinyl. Aesthetics and build quality is jaw dropping!

We will be showing the Kalista & its' matching C2A DAC (6922 output) at LA show - Salon 212 with Wilson & Lamm. We will also be introducing the new Gaia turntable - Metronome's design to be the absolute best TT.

Also, the Metronome CD3-Signature will be in #375 w/Rethm speakers, New Audio Frontiers 845 SET amp, Sound Engineering TT and Stealth cables.

Any questions, contact us through our website. Or just visit us at the Stereophile show.

Jim Ricketts
The latest models are most of the time better. I was told that by a person who knows Accuphase well. The technology built into a CD or DAC now is much better than a few years ago, and a DP-67 will probably sound as good or even better than an expensive Transport/DAC combo a few years old.
The DP-67 got a 97% rating is the German Stereo Magazine(8/2004)
Since your transport will most likely need a new laser pickup also, I would suggest you get yourself a new Cd player (DP-67 or DP-78) and enjoy state of the art. It won't get much better no matter how much money you throw at it.
As I allways repeat, spend the savings on CD's and listen to music, which is what this hobby is all about.