To be or not to be: reclocker or update DAC?

I'm looking for a new DAC for my Stello DA220 spending until $5k, but I have a doubt. If I'll use a reclocker, like Pace Car serie 2, in my actual system, I'll get same sound level (mainly warm sound)? DAC's in evaluation: Weiss Minerva, Bryston BDA-1, ARC DAC 7, etc. Tkx in advance
PS: setup ARC Ref 110 and Ref 3 ,with Synergistic Tesla cables
I have a Pace Car 2. Adding it to my system resulted in better perceived resolution, improved imaging focus, less shrillness in high frequencies, and a lower noise floor. I wrote a review of the Pace Car if you would like to know more about my experiences with it.

I have not heard the dac's you are considering so I cannot advise about which change would result in greater improvement.

Good luck.
thank you Bryon