Time to upgrade Sony DVP-S7000 ??

I have a Sony DVP-S7000 and I was thinking it
might be time to upgrade. As I recall it doesn't
have the Chroma bug and it was my first DVD player
so I'm concerned about any upgrade that has the bug.
I've never seen this bug before since I always used
the S7000.

Here are the models I was considering:

Yamaha CX-1 (Has Faroudja)
Yamaha DVD-C950 (Has Faroudja, not out yet)
Pioneer DV-47ai (Has Chroma bug so maybe not)
Sony DVP-NS999ES
Sony DVP-S9000ES

I also don't want long pauses when a movie switches
layers and I have read that the Pioneer is terrible
in this regard.

How would you rank these for overall video quality?

Many Thanks!
No one wanna help?
I have a DVP-S7000 and recently purchased a DVP-NS999ES. I am very happy with the 999. The video quality is very good. My 7000 isn't reading some dual layer discs very well, so I made the switch. The 999 does not have the chroma bug, contrary to some sources. I am not familiar with the other players you listed. You can find either of the Sony's at good prices now.
Thanks Riversideone..

Was the picture quality a noticable set up with
the DVP-NS999ES? My DVP-S7000 works great but I
was wondering if a newer model would give me better picture quality. I am using a Sony 36" XBR TV but
the TV does not do progressive scan.

In what areas did you notice the DVP-NS999ES being
better than the DVP-S7000?


Hi guys.

Please respond to my thread re noise during DVD playback.



I feel that the picture quality is noticeably better with the DVP-NS999ES. My 7000 looks a little more edgy and sharp. The 999 has a softer look. In addition, the 999 has many more user adjustments for video. I have not messed with them much yet, but there are tons of adjustments you can make (many more than the 7000).

Per your earlier thread, the 999 is very smooth when changing layers on a dual-layer DVD.

Build quality is good, just like the 7000. The 999 also has multi-channel SACD. The 9000ES is 2-channel only SACD.

Good luck with your choice. Does your S7000 have the switches?
Never seen the 7000 but I have the 9000 and am very happy. Build quality is better than the 999. I am not very sensitive to the chroma bug so I can't reliably speak to it. The 9000 does have a noticeable pause switching layers. Overall though, great buy for the money.