Time to replace Integra DTC 9.8- what to get?

I am happy with most of this pre/pro however what really annoys me is sometimes when my kids want to watch TV they somehow get the unit to not work properly. Spent the last who knows how long trying to fix it & I had to step away :) When I turn on the sat or blueray source it shows "no signal". However I can listen to the CD player & I could also go to the setting for the on screen setup stuff & view it on the TV. We played around with it trying to get it to work & now I can't even get the on screen menu to pull up. So frustrating....

Any ideas of what I should look at? I wanted a pre/pro but it's not a necessity? Looking at $2K max

I have been a Denon fan for just about 20yrs...... should I go back to that? Wife is a yamaha fan.... she has never liked this integra piece.....

You probably have to read manual further re set. Can be tricky . Or you can call customer service or place bought it from. Alternatively get Outlaws guide to this piece or the analagous omkyo PR SC 885 which may still be online at Outlaw audio site. The newer Integra a bit easier to set up like the Integra DHC 40.1 or 40.2

The Marantz av7005 is a superlative piece $1699 retail and easy to use. Superior to Denon or Yamaha. Can also use the Marantz SR 5005 receiver as a preamp sells for around $488 now on Amazon as a closeout-- great sound via 7.1 preamp outputs.
thanks, been reading up on the Marantz.... going to try to find a shop somewhat close that sells them.

Yea, I figured I could read through the manual to figure it out which I will do. I think it's stupid that they made this unit in a way that is difficult to use at times.

thanks again!!
Went to a local store today who sells integra & a few other brands. His concern was most of the other items have a similar front panel, lots of buttons for the kids to touch. He said there are some with a few buttong but they cost a LOT more..... $4K+ :(

Integra has their new pre/pro coming out in 1-2 months, 80.3 I think is the model. I will wait to see what that works like, he claimed (like you said) they are a lot easier to use. My 9.8 was kinda a 1st gen of their pre/pro..... hopefully that will make my wife happy.

I wanted to look at the MArantz (which the shop I went to doesn't sell them but said they are great) however there isn't a store close....... thanks again!!
Brought home a new Anthem MRX 700 2 weeks and couldn't be happier...very easy to setup and use...I would describe it as quite intuitive when it comes to figuring out the controls...Their built in via supplied high quality microphone Anthem Room Correction is what I'm really looking forward to doing with our redone HT system...