Three best speakers for my budget.

I've been looking to buy a used pair of speakers to replace Matrix 802 S3 driven by Jeff Rowland Model5 amp. Here is my narrowed down list of speakers which can be had for around $4500-$5000:
1. Sonus Faber Extrema
2. Kharma Ceramique 2.1 or 2.0
3. B&W Nautilus 802

I'm looking for one that has musical detail sound with presence of instrument texture, air and image. Especially the one that presents "REAL" or "Live-like". I usually listen to the acoustic jazz music mainly with acoustic guitar, saxophone, and percussion.

I had a chance to listen to Sonus Faber Extrema which is pretty much what I want but also curious if Kharma 2.x or Nautilus 802 would perform better. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
For that price range, I feel there is a HUGE value in the Meadowlark Audio Heron-i, Full range speaker...very natural, quick, accurate and open.

I was considering B&W Nautilus until I heard the Meadowlarks...they added "realism" that the B&W's lacked.

If you actually go out and demo a pair and are interested in a used pair let me know...I am waiting for a reason to sell mine and move up to the next model "Blue Heron."

These speakers work great with both tube and SS amplification. ck out

Good luck!
Well, I am going to recommend the Meadowlark Heron i also. I am driving mine with a Rowland Concenta II. It is a great match, detailed, musical, transparent, never in your face, but the dynamics are there. I think the Herons do everything well. Great with your choices of music, and they can rock also. I am not selling mine, but I can give you the name of the dealer where I bought them.
Well I would like to add that the new Martin Logan line sounds better then they ever have I use a pair of Ascents and they Are powered by A Mark Levinson 335 And I use A Mark Levinson 39 cdplayer. And the sound is stunning. But my favorite speaker is the REVELS man what a sound you should try and pick up a pair of Studios for a round 5,800 used good luck
Supakit, have you considered the Red Rose R2's (or maybe it's just 2's)? They are less expensive than your target ($3,500), but they are very life-like without being as bright as the B&W's. Also, you might want to consider the Harbeth Monitor 40's. I have the 7E's (similar, but not as deep and strong) and they are terrific with live Jazz - very accurate.