Thoughts on upgrading AR vsi55 to Ayon

Its time for an amp upgrade folks and as always would welcome the thoughts of the Audiogon community. I'm in the market for an integrated tube amplifier and after some initial digging thought the Ayon Triton would be a significant improvement on my Audio research vsi 55. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions would be greatly welcomed.
The Ayon Triton is the best amlifier I have owned in over 25 years. In the search for the holy grail of transparent, dynamic natural soundstage where the speakers dissappear, the Triton delivers. I can assure you it will indeed be a significant upgrade from the AR vsi55, buy it!
Hi Jimphd14 -

How hot does that baby run? I read somewhere that the Spirit runs pretty warm, and that has 4 less power tubes.

For myself I was looking into acquiring the Vs55 - my worry is that living here in South Florida it gets pretty toasty if the Ayon runs even hotter then the ARC.

Thanks for your time.
The Triton runs about as hot as any high powered tube amp, no big deal. Unless you don't have airconditiong in South Florida, you might be in trouble, but you might be in trouble even if you didn't own the amp with ac out there. Just don't put the Triton in an enclosed cabinet - free flowing air, it needs to breath.