Thoughts on the Anthem AVM 20 v. Integra RDC-7

I listen 60/40 music and HT and need a decent 2 ch abm. Looking for upgradability and performance? Use bass management only in HT?

It seems both have a large number of input but only I 7.1 input. I am running a multichannel SACD as well as a DVD-V/DVD-A player?

Interested in comments from members who have A/B'ed the two units?

Dbanit, I listen 95/5 music/HT and I have a 2-channel only system but I am using a Primare P30 pre/pro. Primare is a relatively little known Swedish company and the P30 retails for $4k but you can probably find it for a lot less. I've owned the unit for about 8 months now and thoroughly enjoy it.

The P30 has a 2-channel bypass mode allowing it to run 100% analog. It should blow away both the pre/pros that you mention above especially the Anthem. A local trustworthy dealer had recently received and demo'ed the new Anthem and he said he was terribly unimpressed with it's sonic abilities.

The P30's only negative is that it is not very friendly with bass management, but it should not be much of a problem. I am using the XLR main outputs of the P30 to my amp and using the RCA main outs to the subs L & R in's. In addition, I have the sub-out going to the sub's center channel input. That way, the sub is always active.

I've A/B compared the P30 with the Conrad Johnson P14 pre, Electrocompaniet pre, and a fairly highly rated thoroughly burned-in Ayre K3-X. There was absolutely no comparison with the first two very inferior preamps. And although the K3-X offered a bit more musicality/sweetness, the P30 was far superior in accuracy with it's transparency, detail, and lack of coloration.

Have not heard the Anthem but as an Integra RDC-7 owner, I am one happy camper. Exceptional on both music and HT. The only unit I have ever seen with 2 multichannel inputs is The Dennon5800. What are you doing now to listen to both formats? You can use Y adapters, however I have never done this so I cannot comment if you loose any quality.Right now I only have DVDA, If I had SACD, I would run it direct 2 channel only. But I will be patient and wait for a Universal player, and or from what I understand perhaps in the future there will be an upgrade to connect the units digitally. {For that you will need alot of patience} This is a rather strong statement, but it is my opinion, when you hear how good the Integra sounds with a quality regular CD recording, your lust for SACD and DVA will lessen , because the regular CD will sound so good. Hope this helps.
Well I have not heard the Integra RDC-7 but I have the AVM-20 and I'm as happy a a clam. As far as upgradeablity- I just did a softwarw update on the Web and it took me all of 3-4 mins. I suggest you go to and download a copy of the owners manual. I looked hard for over 6 mos and compared over 10 different processors before I got mine. I think after you look at the manual and see for your self how versatile and intuitive it is, your desicion will be made. By the way you can run 2 complete 7.1 systems with it at the same time. Is that enough inputs for you? As far as a previous comment about it's "sonic abilities" Well they obviously didn't go into the setup menu to see that you can configure not only the sonic properties, but the type, distance and profile of each speaker. You can process all of the signal or just the parts of it you want. It is hands down the most bang for the buck. I have yet to find a down side to it. Sorry to sound like a salesman but I put in several hundred hours of research before I bought it. You'd have to spend 3 X's as much just find a pre that can compete. There are not alot of reviews out there (since it is so new)but the ones you'll find will mirror what I've said.
You cannot hook up both your DVDA and SACD in multi channel
at the same time per Paul Fliss, Sonic Frontiers. Looks like a nice machine though.
I haven't heard the Integra, but I owned the AVM20 and found that while the performance was clean and detailed in both 2-channel and multi, I just couldn't warm up to the sound. I now have an Aragon Soundstage, which I feel offers the best mix of 2-channel and surround...