thoughts about Metronome CD4 vs. Esoteric X-01

hi there,
need some input in making a choice between the two.
don`t have sacd`s and never heard any. is it worth picking the X-01 for having the capability to play them (is it a different musical experience listening to SACD`S? how are the two on normal CD`s?.
Hi Rospi,

i didnt have the opportunity to compare the exact two devices you are referring to. But since nobody answered your thread i want to tell you about my experiences with their "brothers".
I owned Esoterics UX-1, the 5-Channel alternative to the X-01, for about 18 month. Now i purchased Metronomes T2i Signature, after hearing EMM-Labs CDSAse and DCS P8i in my system, Nagra´s CDC at the shop.
The Metronome is outstanding. It´s lucious resolution, stable soundstage and phenomenal resolution and its lack of a sound character convinced me the most.
Especially the bass resolution, a strong point with the Esoteric, was a remarkable difference.
I recommend to hear the Nagra CDC as well, piano and violin sounded great with it.
DCS and EMM-Labs are fantastic, great performance in resolution and soundstage, the CDSAse very dynamic, but their reproduction didnt touch my heart, the music didnt flow as with the Nagra or Metronome.