Thorens TD165 for a second system

Hello everybody. New poster here. I'm putting together a small second system for our rec room. I want to add a turn table. I was offered a Thorens TD-165 is very good condition. I'd like to know if it would be better to buy a newer turn table. The people on Audio Asylum seem to really like Thorens, but on Audio Annex they think a newer turn table is much better. What does everybody here think? Thank you in advance.
A Thorens is a nice table an may suffice well for a 2nd system. You'll have to spend at least $300 to beat it out with a new table. Make sure it is in proper working condition.
I think they sound great , but the vintage of the 125 's etc. I had seem to all be dying I had 3 die on me. Switch went, motor server board, I switched to the Linn LP-12 . It sounds better , is newer 80's and seems to be more reliable.
I' m curious why there generally seems to be so little interest in the TD-150 as compared to the 14x and 16x? I thought they were similar designs.