Thor 1000 MK2 - Phase Inverting?

Is the Thor preamp phase inverting?

I thought it was phase correct, but Buddy Guy's "Sweet Tea" on cd sounds so much better phase inverted that I have to ask.
Nope. it's the recording (s). This is pretty common with some recordings too. Well, let's say I've seen more than one recording act as you describe, seemingly inverted spacialy.

the Thor pre doesn't invert the phase. If it did, all of the recordings EXCEPT the Buddy Guy one would sound weird... and Buddy Guy would be the only properly set sound stage. Does that make any sense to you?

I listened to several other recordings last night that sounded spatially more open with the Thor phase inverted.

In addition to the cd, I've now had the same experience with vinyl (Dire Straits and Lou Donaldson). On the other hand, Cafe Blue (cd) sounds awful with the phase inverted.

BTW, my amps are Berning ZH-270 monoblocs which I understand are NOT phase inverting.
The literature says they are not. My exp says they are not. How it comes to your system that it seems they are is a mystery to me... though I will still suspect the recording... past that I have no thoughts which might help.

other Thor owners might chime in here and be of further aid to you... or you can seek them out yourself elsewhere on audiogone.