Theta vs Ayre

I am putting the finishing touches on a HT system (separate from my two channel) and I am seeking advice from anyone who has compared the Theta David II vs the Ayre D-1.

Associated equipment:

Theta Cassablance II with Xtreme Dacs
Theta Dreadnaught
Runco 1101 CRT
Runco 4404 processor
Martin Logan ReQuests, Scripts, Theatre

Many thanks in advance for your advice.

Your kidding right? You would deny that system a DaViD II Transport. Not in this life time :~)
I too have the Casablanca II with Extreme DACs. I recently acquired the Ayre D-1x and it has worked terrifically in my system. I consider the Ayre a major upgrade from my previous Theta transport the Jade. I suspect the new David II will easily compete with the D-1x as they are in the same price range. Not heard the David II, I'd expect it to work very well with the Casablanca II.