Theta GEN8

Can this be conneted to an imac?
I suppose you could use it, as I believe the MAC might have a toslink output. You could also use one of the USB converters so you could do a balanced or bnc digital into the Theta. A great friend also has a GEN8 it sounds great and he wouldn't trade it for anything. Another possibility might be the upcoming PS Audio Digital Lens which can be equiped with their new bridge to server technology. This may be worth the wait and exactly what the doctor ordered for those with beloved DACS who want to embrace the new technologies. My friends GEN8 was updated a few years ago so that it will play 96/24 files I believe. I don't know if this was always the case with all the Gen8 units or if it can still be updated. I believe 24/96 is the highest rate the Gen8 can accomodate. So this might be a constraint if you are interested in HiRes files. I've also heard that Theta might not be supporting the GEN8 any longer. I hope this is untrue. It is a great sounding DAC though.
Hope this helps!
definately - currently have setup with toslink to Gen VIII