Theta Dreadnaught 1 vs Classe CAV-180

Can anyone give me some info or personal experience with these amplifiers. Ive narrowed my search down to these two amps and would appreciate any information to help me decide. I primarily do stereo listening 70% and surround 30%. Thanks alot.
I demoed the Dreadnaught and Classe amps at the same store using the same speakers several years ago when looking for a amp and choose the Dreadnaught. The Classe sounded to bright and edgy to my ears. I don't know what Classe amp it was, however.
My understanding is that Classe has since changed their house sound since then.
I would definitely give the nod to the Dread on this one. Especially for music. More dynamic, amazing depth in soundstage, sweet extended treble and rock solid bass. The Classe is pretty good, but the Dread is just a whole new level.
Best wishes.
Thanks for the input fellas.
How about compared to the Parasound Halo amps?
I would still strongly recommend the Dread. The Parasound Halo is a powerhouse, but not nearly as musical to my ears. Your speakers will play loud, but the Dread will more than hold it's own in that dept too. I've just never heard each individual instrument stand out with a multi-channel amp as I have the Dread. There are some amps I've heard that can match in on width of soundstage, but very few on depth. Very clean from top to bottom. Just amazing for both music & movies.
Good luck on your choice.
Any better matched amps in this price range? Im looking to upgrade from my rotel rmb-1095 and want it to be a worthy upgrade. Thanks
The Rotel 1095 is a good amp. I've listened to it against a Parasound 2205A, and chose the Parasound because it had a smoother overrall sound that I preferred. Where the Rotel had more power, more bass, and was a little more dynamic. But the Dread absolutely kills both of them. The best system I've heard is a Dread I on Maggies, with a CasaNova controller and Arcam DV27A player. There are better 2 channel amps out there for music, but the only multi-channels I've heard that compete with it are the Ayre V6, and BAT 6200. Both of which are more expensive.

I also like the Dread because it doesn't sound good on just a couple speakers. I've heard it on Maggie 1.6s, $3K Linn's, $3K ProAcs, $2400 Wharfedales, and Paradigm Studio 100s. Each time it's the best I've heard those speakers sound.

The Rotel has really good value, and for what Dread I's are selling for you could probably get 1 for around $1700 including the money you get from the Rotel. And you would be getting much more than a $1700 upgrade in sound. :-)
Thanks Friz, BIG help
I have the Dread II and is profiled here, but I have also heard great things about the Dread I. One of the differences might be power? Now you can 5 X 225 or 2 channel it will paly more like 250 as the 2 will draw from the 3 not in use.

Movies are scintillating, you hear every detail. Audio 2 channel I would agree with everything already discussed. My system is now very revealing with background details more soild and present.

Good luck on your search. I had called Craig Shumer about the Parasound, he talked me into Theta II, and I thank him!

I have owned both units... I actually bought a theta to use as temp amp while my CAV-180 was sent out for a tune up (4-6 weeks can be lifetime without an amp) ... I got such a sick deal on the Theta, I figured if i liked it better, I'd sell the Classe when it came back... Long story short, I still have my Classe... SOld the Theta as soon as my Classe came back to me... it was not a hard decision... At the time i was using B&W 804's & a Classe SSP-600 Pre.