Theta Data basic II or universal II?

I currently own a Theta Data universal II transport. I have a friend who said I should sell it and go with data basic II for better sound. What are others experiences out there?

Thank you!
You don't mention if you use the LD portion of your player. If you do;don't stop till you get to the Theta Data 3. (includes free class A cd player) You will also need a class A dac to go with;....
I currently do not use the laser disc. It is a dedicated CD transport only. Theta data III? Is this a laser also, or cd only?
Data III has both CD and laserdisc has separate smaller CD drawer also very good CD transport same league sonically as a Levinson 37 transport
I have had my Theta fo 1 week now. I am using it with th MF Tri-Vista DAC. The Theta added warmth and dimension. So far I am very impressed. I am still burning in cables and now speakers it will probably bee another 3 or 4 weeks before I could give you an accurate evaluation.

Other units tried as transports.
Sony 999ES
Denon DVD2800 II
Denon CDR-W1500

All had different sounds. The Theta is by far the best.

A friend of mine recomended one of the following.
PS Audio Lambda
Theta Data Basic
and 2 others that I dont remember.

Remember to take the system as a whole.