Theta Citedel

So look like my amplifier search is over and I settled on the Theta Citedel amps version 1 tried to get a set of McIntosh MC501 mono blocks but. Certain store in New York has lost my business for good. I love MAC amps followed closely by Theta Amps

anyway any thoughts on the following:
1. Preamp in the 1k range that would work well with these(gonna demo an old Theta Casa Nova on Monday) my needs are strictly 2 channel.

2. Does running balanced cables from preamp to amp really make a difference if source into preamp is either rca or digital via coaxial
You want to be running balanced for the 1.5 if you talk to john from theta he mentioned that the citadels sound their best balanced, so if you can run xlr you should..thats where i am as well and am cable shopping soon
I have the original Citadel  and wonder if the same applies? I've herd that as well and was wondering if the whole balanced un balanced was a bit of snake oil? I've been tempted to try some balanced cables.