I checked in to the Marriott Irvine Spectrum last night. The hotel is really nice and upscale. Three floors of exhibitors. The demo rooms I peaked into yesterday during set up are sounding very good. I have never heard the JBL 6700 big horns sound better- Melton audio out of Hong Kong using their own tube amplifiers and power  cords. Extremely nice exhibitors.

A special treat for my ears was watching Scott Walker and Synergistic Research Ted Denney acoustically treat two rooms. This is the perfect chance to hear Elac speakers in one room next to Magico speakers in the next room. This is a great way to easily compare two different excellent speaker brands that have been optimized for a normal size listening room. Very educational and fun to back and forth between the two rooms.

MBL and those fabulous tape machines from United Audio are in one of the big convention rooms. A system that only the 1% can afford, but absolutely no snobbery here. Only a true love of music and open arms to attendees at this room.

I had mixed feelings about the "car show" but when a saw the pristine 1963 Corvette Sting Ray -Wow!
It immediately brought back memories of my 1965 Corvette Sting Ray I drove in the 1980's. But the Corvette at THE SHOW is in the better than factory new condition. A special treat for me. 

I think THE SHOW is a great way to spend the day. Have fun, relax, hear some great systems. Meet some talented and interesting people. 

David Pritchard
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@davidpritchard  Looking forward to your and other attendee reports from the show. Have Fun!
Pretty confusing with this show and next weeks show being cancelled. I had no clue a show was being held in S. Cal.this weekend.  I am pretty well informed on the audio goings around this area. 
THE SHOW continues 10:00
to 7:00 today and 10:00 to 6:00 Sunday.
Many rooms are sounding good and worth a listen. Three floors and easy to navigate.
Yesterday the Ryan Monitors $3995 (room315) had a big musical sound. A real pleasure meeting Mr. Ryan.
Room 312 had a new horn speaker- Ocean Way Audio the Monterey. A 3- way speaker with mid and high frequency horns. Designed by recording engineer Allen Sides .Amplifiers were by  AGD. Worth a trip to hear this room.
A second listen confirmed that the famous JBL 6700 expensive horns do sound special. Room 322. Powered by Melton tube amps based in Hong Kong. They had the speakers pulled out 5 feet from the back wall and the Soundstage was special. One of the few rooms I have heard over the last few years where the sonics  justified the cost of the components.

Spent quite a bit of time in 3 rooms on the second floor. Elac ($6500) , the new Magico A3 ($10,000) and Bowers and Wilkins speakers. These rooms all had a big music filling sound that made my ears happy.
Magico has a cutaway model of the A3 speaker so you can see exactly what you are paying for and their factory rep. David was very engaging in answering questions.

For me this is a wonderful show that has a relaxed, friendly feel. I am not detecting some of the high energy anxiety and or boredom I have felt in the crowed halls and rooms of Rocky Mountain Audiofest.

David Pritchard
David ...

Check to see if Ray is there manning his Von Gaylord room. He's a genius of a designer and  his rooms play real music. I think you'd enjoy both Ray and his speakers/electronics.