The Most Minimal System

I have been trying to figure out how one would achieve the most minimalist system that offered the most functionality and the best sound. It seems like it should be possible with three basic components:

1. A PC-based music server with either digital, USB or something like Squeezebox outputs.

2. A universal high-end player, something that plays CD, DVD, SACD, DVD-A, etc, and has an input capable of taking in the output of the music server, and, finally, has a volume control.

3. Active speakers.

I'm already well down the path of the first. Something from the ATC active line would appear to suffice handsomely for the third.

For the second piece, though, I'm not sure I've found one piece that does all of that. The dCS P8i does a lot - digital input, CD, SACD - but not all. The Muse platform seems to do it all, but doesn't appear to have a digital input.

Anybody have any other ideas for #2?
Take a look at the Cary 306SACD. It has digital inputs. Just make sure you like the Cary house sound...warm and full bodied.
There are integrateds with a USB DAC input so you would only need the PC and speakers.
Minimalist may not necessarily be lowest cost or best value. You may be better off to get a high quality preamp with multiple inputs (including all forms of analog and digital, XLR balanced in/out) then you'll have the flexibility to pass anything to it (digital or analog) and then on to your speakers.

Few people look for the kind of flexibility you require in a standalone CD/SACD/DVD-A player (so your choice will be limited and these features may not be valued in resale market)...just a thought.
Why not actually be minimalist and run your SB3 directly into your ATCs or Mackies or...

Use the very clean digital volume control on the SB3.

Forget about another player unless you have a large library of titles. If the experience of (virtually)everyone on this forum is an indicator, you won't bother with anything but the PC transport once you get your library digitized.

Definitely plan on upgrading the SB3 power supply and doing the analog mod.