The best set up Shunyata power conditioners?

I have a deldicated 20A line and two normal 15A lines. Now I am ordering two Shunyata Hydra2 on the way, I also have a spare 20A outlet.

I need to hook up to my Passlab X150 Amp, JJ243 PreAmp, Accuplase DP-55 CD player, and a Oracle Mk-II turntable. I am thinking of swapping a 15A normal line out-let with a 20A outlet then hook up each Hydra2 to each 20A out-let (one is deldicated 20A out-let and one is swapping 15A to 20A out-let to feed the 20A power cord) or Should I just hook up both Hydra2 to the deldicated out-let only.

Thanks for any recommendation.
A 15A line is wired with 14Ga wire as per electrical code ,on the other hand a 20A is done with 12Ga.Swapping receptacles is not a good idea,I think.If the current draw exceeds the maximum allowed by a 15A line.However I am not an electrician.Why don't run another dedicated 20A line?and be done with it.While I was renovating I run 6 new 20A lines to my listening room plus the existing but shared 2 20A and 2 15A .
Best of luck
I have a dedicated 20amp line for my amp with a Hydra 2, and then I have another dedicated 20Amp circuit that feeds my Hydra 6 for all of my front end equipmment. I have a third circuits that I have feeding a Richard Gray 400Pro for my HD TV and Tivo. I am very very happy with the set up now....