The BEST Audiophile System under $5k...

*** We challenge anyone to put together a better sounding NEW system for under $5,000. ***

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• Silverline Audio Panatella MkII floorstanding reference monitors • DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10 internally bi-wired • Creek 4330SE integrated amplifier • Creek CD43 high resolution 24-bit CD player • DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 Series II interconnects • Chang Lightspeed CLS 6400 ISO power line conditioner

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I own the A3 Musical Fidelity,and would urge you to consider it in addition to the Creek,although I am not sure if the price is equivalent. Tracer
Adcom 750 CDP $1250 (Musical Fidelity A3CD $1000) (Class A) Musical Fidelity $1500 A300 150w Integ. PSB Silver-i $1300 speakers Silver Audio 1m $250 Hyacinth Harmonic Tech $450 x 2 Pro 11 double runs Monster HTS 2000 $125 - (globe-mart) line conditioner This will top creek based system and sound very good
Let me repost, came out jumbled. Adcom 750 CDP (class A rated) $1250 * Musical Fidelity A300 integrated 150w $1500 * PSB Silver-i speakers $1300 * Silver Audio Hyacinth 1m interconnect * Harmonic Tech Pro-11 8ft speaker cable $475 x 2 (bi-wire) * Monster HTS2000 line conditioner $125 * total cost $ bring under use single run of HT speaker cable, or double run of A.P. Oval 9 cable. This system will top Creek system IMO......