Thanks Audiogon THE SHOW in Vegas was a blast

The Show sponsored by Audiogon at the San Tropez proved to be much more than just a high end after thought . It was indeed a treasure chest of vendors and exciting systems that could keep you busy for days on end without ever even thinking there was actually more to see. Running into Albert Porter , Mike Lavigne , Romy The Cat and a host of AG regulars made this one very special event in my life. Keep it up Audiogon , we love ya!
Yeah, nice to bump into you...
I'll jump on the bandwagon, as well! Great job!

The Audiogon media center made for great internet access and the auction was great fun, even if some scoundrel outbid me for that Coda Phono Pre!

Please do it again next year - it is something that will build, you guys helped make the experience!
Hey Tom . Nice meeting you as well . Hope you didnt catch the infamous " CES flu" !