Test tones on redbook cd ???

I would like to find a high quality mass produced redbook cd that has various test tones on it. I am primarily interested in sine and square waves at various frequencies and amplitudes. While i am aware that i can record one of these myself, quite honestly, my recorder would not be up to the level of performance that i'm looking for. If anyone knows of such a disc, please let me know the name of it, where it can be purchased, etc....

For the record, i'd like to use this to take in-system measurements from the digital source to the speakers. I've posted this question over at AA in the digital forum, but have not gotten any solid leads as of yet. I know that something like this has to exist as TBR's ( Test Bench Reviewers ) have to have reference sources / recordings to test digital equipment. Hopefully, someone will be able to lead me to what i'm looking for.... Sean
Perhaps the "DCAT-3" (Diamond Cut Audio Test CD's)?
Thanks for the tip. Where can i find information about these discs ? I'd really like to know what John Atkinson uses when he does testing / technical review of a player or transport / dac combo. Sean
John Atkinson probably uses an Audio Precision, or the equivalent, to generate digital test signals.
The DCAT-3 can be found at the company website where apparently these can be ordered; alternatively, a search will turn up other sources.
Agonanon: That was very kind and thoughtful of you to provide such useful links. I am flattered that you would go to such trouble to help me out. THANK YOU !!!

As to the discs that you recommended, they are probably the best suited to what i need out of those that i've found so far. I would really like to find something that had a greater variety of square waves though as reproducing a square wave with high linearity is a great test of any component / system.

As a side note, if anyone is thinking of feeding high level square waves through their system, DON'T do it. It is quite likely that you will smoke something in the system, primarily your amp or tweeters. Great care should be exercised when using ANY test tone. Sean
Here's a discussion about using a piece of software named Digital Signal Generator; it seems it can be used to generate a file which can be burned directly to CD using, say Nero. I have not used the software (besides Nero) or test CD's personally.