Tekton Polycell15

103db made with a different array which is more like a horn or waveguide. 15" dual woofers. He has it as a pro audio product. Seems ideal for flea-watt home use as well. 


Looks a lot like the Impact Monitor but only 5 tweeters in the array and they are aligned vertically side by side. If anybody gets more info on these from Eric let us know.  
I think maybe a new thread should be started for this new monitor...why not right?? LOL
You might also want to see this speaker just went up. I drove down to Tekton and got to hear it. It's a little larger than the DI, but definitely smaller than the Ulfberht. http://www.tektondesign.com/new.html
late to the party but I was thinking of driving there to hear them as well. I have to get moved first and of course covid has to die down.  Some of his speakers look pretty great!!