TechOpinionPlease-Power Center 4 Hi-Power Amp $300

Helloooo, I can use some Audiophile/ Pro Audio support here. I'm looking for a Power Center for my Mac Amp ONLY, Rated @ 450 wpc. I've been led to believe that a passive Power system would work best, but this may not be the case. I need it to be Non-current limiting, and due to all the freaky storms lately here in NY, I would like surge protection as well. I already have a Panamax piece for all my other equip, but nothing for my amp. Mac says nothing is needed and I do already have a dedicated line for the Amp. But I don't feel comfortable during Lighting storms that my amp could be blown out. The kicker is I want it for Under $300, & a used piece is fine. What'cha Think??