Technics SL 1000 not "A" ground

I just started using a Technics SL 1100 turntable. On the back, there are 2 screw terminals, which are labelled “GND” and “E”. They are currently jumpered together. Anyone know what the difference is, and should they be jumped, or used separately somehow? Thank you.
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Dale, since no one is jumping in, I'll give an educated guess. They are labeled "ground" and "earth" and one is probably the ground for the arm and the other for the chassis.

As to the other part of your question, the purpose of ground management is to minimize primarily hum. So I would try them seperated and unseperated and tied to the phono preamp ground or preamp ground. You will do no harm, simply choose the way that gives you the least hum.

Happy listening.
I've kind of done this, and so far, without the jumper, it seems to be quietest when I run a wire from the ground terminal to the plate the tonearm is mounted on!
There you go Dale, stick with what works!