Teac NT505 firmware update v1.22

Did anyone have issue updating from firmware v1.21 to v1.22? I am using windows 10 and it did work before when I updated the firmware from older version to v1.21, when I hit the updater exe file to update to v1.22, I received an error saying the no devices found.
I put 1.22 on mine as soon as I received my unit and it worked perfectly.

Can't recall the exact process but the unit was connected to the PC with a USB->micro USB cable to do the update.

You might want to try a different USB to micro USB cable I have had a lot of issues with various devices not liking one cable or another.
Thank you for all big brothers for your valuable input. It is working now... cable was the issue. StarTech USB Type A to Type B micro is the cable I used. Make sure to connect to the USB port in the bottom and it said it in the manual the maintenance port.
StarTech.com UUSBHAUB10 Micro USB Cable, A to Micro B, 10-Feet
So far I have no issues with the V1.22.
Glad to hear, OP. If you have any issues with version 1.22 firmware, post back and let everyone know. Based on another thread I have been holding off upgrading to 1.22 (sticking with 1.21) because 1.21 has been working perfectly for me so didn't see reason to change.