Target turntable stand the best way to eliminate

I have a problem with my unsuspended turntable bouncing when someone walks across the floor. Is the Wall mounted Target turntable stand a good fix? Where can I get one? Thanks
There's one or two in the classifieds right now.
They work great, should be the answer.
Me too. My LP12 sits on a Target wall shelf fixed to an outside wall. House and floors very wobbly but TT is stable.
Target and the fine Apollo WT 1 & WT2 wall supports ( available from May/Justice Audio in North America :

British Audio manufactures and sells the Wallnut II support:

Mana ( ) is available thru Flat Earth Audio :

Quadraspire( )makes an unique wall unit in their Q4 range.
It is distributed in the US by The Sound Organisation,USA:

On the pre-owned market,also consider wall supports from Sound Organisation & Audiotech.

I have a target double shelf
I went to the stone crafters and had red granite cut to order for great damped shelves ($88)

my Spacedeck and Audio Research ph2 sit nicely on it
no vibrations whatsoever