Tape Loop and HT pro. loop - same thing?

I would like to know if the Tape loop and the HT processor loop are one in the same. If not, can I at least use a tape loop the same way that I would use a HT processot loop?

A tape loop sends an analog signal to your tape deck the loop back allows you to here the recording usually while it's happening. Also allowing you a means for playback for your cassette tapes. With a digital processor loop you are sending a digital signal out to be decoded then looped back in to be amplified. An example of this would be an external DTS decoder. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
Thanks Glenn. I'm looking at pre amps that have HT bypass switches so that I may integrate my 2-channel system into a HT system. I know about Rogue, Adcom & Sonic Frontiers having HT bypass but haven't been finding many more other than the ones mentioned. I've been seeing many pre amps with tape loops and wondered if this tape loop could be used the same way as a HT bypass loop.

Any input?
rogue pre's have a ht bypass? hmmm - i had a 99 for a few months & it dint even have a tape-monitor, tho it *did* have tape outs...

other pre's that i know of that have ht bypass loops are made by bat, arc, vtl, linn. i'm sure there are more, this seems to be all the rage.

re: integrating a ht set-up into a 2-channel rig, obviously having the ht bypass loop is the most conwenient way, but if ya like yer non-ht-loop preamp, ewe can still do it w/yust a tape loop. hook-up will be the same, only difference is yule need to control the wolume of the two main stereo speakers independently of the center/surround speakers...

doug s.