Tannoy D700 - Anyone reworked the crossovers?

Curious if the crossovers, wiring or any other part of the D700's can be improved. To me these speakers are great and now that my system is complete I'm looking for a few tweaks to make it even better.

So if you've experimented any with the D700's I sure would like to hear about it.

Thanks in advance.
well, you might want to search the SpeakerAsylum sub-forum of AudioAsylum. I found 1 small thread there but I got several hits for this speaker

you might also want to search the Yahoo! Tannoy forum.
Hi Fish. I am more than certain the stock crossovers in the Tannoy's can be improved upon but start by removing the crossovers from the cabinets first.If the are any electrolytic caps being used on the boards... start there first. Tannoy does use good quality film caps in their crossovers but there are many better sounding caps available. I use Mundorf silver supremes in tweeter section of my Tannoy Westminsters and love them.Best of luck.
Hi, yes you can replace and upgrade the crossover components. Two years ago I bought a pair of Tannoy Edinburgh HE and I had a deception when I opened them. Although the Edinburgh is not the most expensive Tannoy Prestige speaker, they are not cheap (price list arround 6500u$s). The crossover components are bad, cheap from China. Except the foils (they are not the best but they are very good) you can upgrade all. So I replace them and I have excellent results.
1) Capacitors: As Ecclectique, move to Mundorf. For the HF crossover go to the Silver in Oil, and for the LF the Supreme are excellent.
2) Resistors: remove the expotus chinesse resistors and move to Mills MRA12
3) Internal cables: my Edinburgh use the very little Van Den Hul CS-18. I moved to the SCS-12 for the woofer, that it is bigger and better than the SC-18. You will get better, cleaner, deeper and controled bass. For the tweeter move to the SCS-18 or 16, donĀ“t use a cable bigger than 1.2 mm2.
4) Finnaly, if you want, you can upgrade the speaker terminals. I moved to WBT connectors. They are better, easy to connect and easy to attacht speaker cables.

All the upgrades I did, worked. remember that when you replace a component you need a burn in period.
Good luck.