Tandberg tape decks

Does anyone know them well? I have a question about the model 330.Who owns or used to own one?How does it sound?Compared to Nak decks?I heard that owners of 3014As and 3004s laugh at Dragon owners, but this Tandberg is not that advanced.I am thinking about buying one in,I hope,excellent condition.Would really appreciate your help.
I own an NAD Monitor Series 6100 cassette deck built in the late '80's and read somewhere it's basically a "re-branded" Tandberg. Any truth to that? It has some of the features mentioned above such as manual bias trim adjustment (called "play trim") and it has both Dolby HX-Pro and the DYNEQ circuits. If so, which Tandberg model would be the equivalent? Just curious..
Hello. Does anyone know the sizes of the cassette belts for this unit? Please message me direct.
Thanks, Izzy
I had A Tandberg TCD- 300, their first cassette deck of the series. It had 3 motors, ferrite (glass) heads, and wood end plates. I really liked the option of operating it vertically or horizontally. I fell in love with it after seeing it on the wall at the late Pacific Stereo chain store here in California in the early 70's. This deck handled tape so well due to 3 motors. I would send it to the local Tandberg service center every 2 years for new belts , pinch roller, etc. Worked every time. It is in Brooks Berdan Ltd. Audio museum now after serving me very well.