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What's your favorite lyric from a song?
The future's uncertain and the end is always near. J Morrison 
Goodbye CD's
When the needle hits the vinyl.....I must be getting old because I remember as a kid my mom not wanting to spend the extra dollar for the "stereo" version of my favourite Beach Boy album. We enjoyed those LP's, then reel to reel tape,4 track, 8 tr... 
Album which you have listened to most?
Dark Side of The Moon- Pink Floyd, Allman Bros. Live at Fillmore East, and Van Morrison - Moondance 
Tandberg tape decks
I had A Tandberg TCD- 300, their first cassette deck of the series. It had 3 motors, ferrite (glass) heads, and wood end plates. I really liked the option of operating it vertically or horizontally. I fell in love with it after seeing it on the wa... 
Integrated Amp recommendation
I have a Yamaha AX 900U Integrated amp-Black, 160wpc, lightly used, cosmetically excellent, orig. owner. This is the bomb. I was asked to leave a McIntosh clinic beause it blew their machines away(super low distortion, have readouts)It is rarely u... 
JBL L100 Century Crossover?
Interesting question. I have seen other crossovers for less$. But, my speaker guy did a mod (proprietary) to one pair of my L 100s that was awesome for only $85. ea. He swears it is as good as a 3 0r 600 replacement xover kit. I sure like it. Will... 
An Advent Guy
I love my 4 L 100s. One pair has been completely reconed with all JBL parts and tricked out in the crossover which smoothed it out somewhat and actually made it even better sounding. Yes, they're "old school" but thats OK. It is what sounds good t...