Tandberg 3001A vs TPT3001

Is there anyone know about sonic and manufacturing differences about these tuners?
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Yup, one is black (A) and the other silver, belive it or not and I thought minor internal differences if any!
It (they) are reputedly among the best analog tuners ever made. Mine was silver. :)
Almost forgot! Check here for tuner info

The Tandberg has spectacular specs and mostly lives up to them, after alignment. I actually have both the 3001A in my main system and a 3011A in my bedroom. The downsides are the damn things are extremely difficult to repair. They are notorious for broken edge connectors and bad pushbuttons/batteries (which need to be soldered in). If you find one, be sure to take it to someone who is experienced in repairing these, since they have many unique features. Some highly regarded repair facilities even refuse to work on them, they're such a beast to fix! You are warned!

I like mine because they sound fantastic! I don't use the pushbuttons. Many of the stations I want to receive are distant and sound poor, if they can even be pulled in with other tuners. No problem with the 3001A. Of course, I use a roof mounted APC-13 antenna with a rotator, plus I have a scope hooked up to the Tandberg's X/Y outputs so I can tune for minimum multipath interference.

The 3001A routinely fetches $700-$1k used and the 3011A is something of a bargain at $200-$400, not because it specs well (it doesn't) but because it does sound very good, altho not in the same class as its big brother.

I got mine aligned by Approved Audio Service, Inc in Bantam CT, who used to be an authorized Tandberg repair center. I can also recommend SoundSmith, altho I found their repairs to be prohibitively expensive, they know and love this tuner.

Hope this helps!