takes on river cable flexygy 6?

i'd like to read some feedback on these speaker cables in comparison to similarly priced stuff including diy.
direct comparison to kimber wire would be a plus.

i disregard all statements that go 'this beats out stuff that costs five times more', everyone likes to make those claims and it's completely irrelevant.

currently using the 10awg belden wire from bluejean cable, dirt cheap.
I replaced Analysis Plus Oval 12 in my system with Flexygy 6 and have been very pleased with it. The sound is balanced top to bottom without any brightness. I can't compare to Kimber or Bluejeans.
Hi there Audio Me,

I can't say anything intelligent about the speaker cables from River Cable (although I've read good things). We did buy a whole wack of River Cable's premium S/PDIF digital interconnects along with some analogue interconnects and some long subwoofer interconnects when we changed up our big system this past winter. All were incredibly well made. All the analog interconnects were to wire up our BFD sub EQ to a pair of Servo 15 subs. Its a pretty narrowband signal so the differences here were pretty subtle. We used the digital interconnects to replace the S/PDIF audio side of the stock M & S cables that lash up the active DSP speakers in our Meridian Digital Theater. This was NOT a subtle difference. Wider appearant dynamics with a lower noise floor, a greater sense of "air", and a more clear view into the soundstage. We were incredibly impressed with these cables and feel they offer tremendous value for the money. I suppose the 30 day return policy is icing on the cake. We kept all of ours... For info on our current and past systems have a look under my user name in virtual systems.

Happy Trails!