System Audio

Anyone here know anything about System Audio speakers?

I heard a pair the other day while auditioning Primare integrateds...

Any feedback would be helpful as it seems to be tough to find any reviews on any current models.


I have owned the 950's and have heard the 2070's.Great clarity and soundstage,although no meaningful bass.
Also an ex-owner of older model, the 1105's. Excellent dynamics, fast transients, detailed highs without harshness. In my old Audiogon ad (I just sold them), I compared them to Proacs without the brittleness sometimes found in their highs.

Thin width, and imaging is appropriately big. As Tracer says above, more limited in bass, but I haven't heard the bigger floorstanders, and the new SA series, which seemingly goes lower in general.

I think these are fine speakers, but resale value is limited because the name is lesser-known.

Good luck !
I have owned I think it was 1130's(3 years ago) the precursor to the 1250's I now own as well as the SA-2K's (pricy at $3,500.00 retail) They sound great but the binding posts are a little weak for my needs...actually broke one off using Virtual Dynamics Nite bi-wire cables. Having trouble getting it replaced. Almost nobody knows about them since they are from Denmark. The 1250's sold for about $1,500 new, and are a great basis for a secondary or surround sound's the site
I recently downsized and sold Avalon Eidolons.

I tried Dynaudio 25 SE's and System Audio SA2K, kept the System Audio's, no contest in my opinion regardless of price.
I had a friend who recommended this very highly. The SA7K w/ special Nordost wiring cost about US7K and it looks sooo good! While there are others who had no-so-good comments about its bass.