Switch to Krell KCT or keep Modwright SWL.9.0SE

I am currently running the Modwright into my 300cx with cardas rca to balanced adapters. The sound is very good, by far the best I have had. Having rolled a few tubes through the Modwright to get a deeper wider soundstage. Now using Cryoed Phillips E182CC with great success.

Has anyone heard both of these preamps with a Krell CX series amp? My musical tastes run from blues and jazz to some classical and new age.

I prefer the slightest warmth and a sweet top end with layers of depth and a large soundstage. My concern would be that with the KCT the system would get too analytical or the sound too forward. The only other preamp I would be interested in would be a KRC-HR.

My associated equipment is
Modwrght Sony 999ES w/ basic signature truth mods and cryoed umbillical. No baybee filters
BPT 3.5 signature plus power conditioner
Magnum Dynalab MD 106t
Acoustic Zen Satori shotgun bi-wired speaker cable
Acoustic Zen Silver reference II-CD to pre
Acoustic Zen Matrix reference II-pre to amp
Audioquest diamond back-tuner to pre
All Signal magic power cords
JM Reynaud Offrande speakers with audio points
Vibrapod isolators and cones under pre, cdp, and tuner


One of the main benefits of going with KCT + FPB CX amp is the CAST connection. However, the CAST has no sounds of its own and bluntly honest - resulting in no warmth or sweetness if there weren't any in the source to begin with. I sometimes switch back to the normal balanced connections get those qualities you seek but I prefer the CAST connections at the end.

So if the warmth and sweetness in sound is a critical sonic characteristics, I would stay with the Modwright gear.


Thanks for the reply. I think I will keep the modwright for a while and keep my eye out for a KCT at a good price. I am very curious to hear it with the cast connections but oh so happy with the sound I have currently.

I would strongly recommend you to try to audition a SS preamp in your setup (preferably the one you are looking for) so you can get an idea on what you will be gaining/loosing.

I am a tube fanatic, but in your case maybe the matching preamp will bring you lower noise floor, dynamics and frequency extension.

Thanks Fernando,

I am looking for a KCT to audition at some point in the future.