Swan spkrs. advertised on A/G?

I'm looking to hear from anyone who has tried Swan spkrs. advertised here on A/g & what they think about them, thanks for your input.
i heard some years ago at a dealer(before they went factory direct),and they were pretty darn good. can't speak about the more recent offerings, but if they offer a trial, go for it.
I have had Swan 5.1 speakers and the sub 250 for about 2 years now. Right off, the sub is very disappointing and it is in the closet. Muddy, impossible to get phased with overall sound, either is not heard or is just off-sounding. Dosen't have complete hookup options I like either, so it is just a big, heavy thing in the way. The 5.1's are not really great for music sources but come through much better in the video realm(which, I believe, is the companies focus). Have the 5.1's with my old Mirage sub and a Sunfire 300 x 2 solid state amp, sounds very nice for non-surround video listening in a small space. Highs are a bit rolled-off and without sub low end is 'soft'. Mids are tight which again is nice for video sources. I bought this for a secondary a/v setup not my main surround sound setup. I would think a complete surround package from them would sound nice but I would stay clear of the sub nor would I buy them for a listening room. (My main surround 'theatre' has 5 Definitive Tech speakers, fronts having 300 watt subs built in each, and subs built in center channel and a Linn 5 channel processor, would be no comparing to these) All three units are very attractive with rose wood finish all the way around, three sets of wiring posts on speakers, which I have bi-wired as the sunfire has seperate outputs for doing this and you can hear the difference. Can't be sure if it is more due to amp or a combination of both. Overall, I would not buy these again. I see such better sounding speakers for sale on audiogon for same price range. Not that I am an expert by any stretch, but I would go elsewhere if I were in your shoes. Hope this helps!
Hi I have the D2.1SE speakers and for the price including stands $949 I don't think there is a better deal out there.
They replace Sonus Faber Domus Concertinos and before that B&W 705's.I think they are better all around for midrange and definitely bass(considering your listening room size)
I drive them with a Creek Destiny integrated and Ayre c7 not the evolution,Nordost Shiva power and Baldur interconnects with audio note speaker cables.I mostly listen to jazz and these speakers really bring the instruments sound to life.
I checked out the chinese manufactures site HIVI and the components they use are in some 3x more expensive speakers by well known companys.
A sweet sounding speaker for a great deal.
Then again i'm no reviewer and might be tone deaf LOL