Swan Diva 5.1 V 5.2 $370 v $692

Hi, setting up my first audio sound system and I am as much confused as excited. My system is primarily for audio, room size is approx 4m by 9m, musical tastes indie, rock, funk. My current dilema is which pair to go for. After digging through the net and listening to various brands at stores, I've decided to go for Swans (even though conventional wisdom says listen before you buy) Now I'm unsure which model of Swans to get, 5.1 or 5.2 How much of a difference is there? I can get a pair of new 5.1 for US$370 or the 5.2 for US$692. Thats a big price difference. I must admit I much prefer the looks of the 5.2 and I think it has a higher wife acceptance value. I believe the 5.1 is very tall. Can I justify spending over $300 extra on the 5.2 when I've yet to get an amp and cable.
Thanks for your advice.
The 5.1's are 48" tall compared with 42" for the 5.2's.

I've listened (many moons ago now) to the 6.2's, 5.2's and 4.2's. I was mainly listening to the 6.2's. I ended up purchasing the 6.1's...no regrets. I don't believe I'd be disappointed with the 6.2's from an audio perspective if they were in my living room right now instead of the 6.1's.

I prefer the aesthetics of the .1 series. Also, for me, I didn't want the binding posts on the undeside of the speaker. Ultimately, this was the deal breaker for me. YMMV

If YOU prefer the look of the 5.2's and the WAF favors the 5.2's, $300 for never having to think "what if" is a small price to pay IMHO. Also keep the peace!