SVS subwoofers?

Does any one have any experience with SVS subs? Can they be used effectively with Electrostats? Thanks!

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I recently purchased the bottom-of-the-line SVS and matched it with my Plinius integrated/JMlab Cobalt speakers. The model is 25-31PCi and cost $549 + $25 for shipping.

SVS made their fortune appealing to the HT crowd but I love it for stereo listening. I haven't compared other models in my own home but, from what I've heard at local dealers, the SVS keeps up with everything I've auditioned up to $1,500. Effortless and powerful bass that is flat in my room down to 20hz. Very 'tight' especially when listening to well-recorded rock.

The cylinder shape does take some getting used to. WAF is imperative since it's tough to hide such a monster. My wife actually likes the cylinder look better than a boring box so I guess I'll keep her around!

They have a 45-day return policy should you give them a try. Other than shipping, what do you have to lose?