SUT for Ortofon SPU

Does anyone have experience with either (or both) the Auditorium 23 or the Analog Tube Audio MCT-SPU stepup transformers for SPUs?
Yes, I run the A23 step-up into a Leben RS 30EQ phono stage for my SPU Classic GM E. It's a well made, quiet, hum-free installation.

Good dynamics, bass and all the other SPU stuff.

Contact Matt @ Pitch Perfect Audio for any other tips, prices, etc.

All the best,
Thanks for the review. Sounds like it does what a SUT should.

I'm in Australia and as we don't have a dealer I can buy direct from A 23.
You're welcome. It's fantastic that you can go straight to the source and deal directly with the manufacturer. Keith Aschenbrenner will have all the advice you'll need.

Good luck to you.