Survey: B&W

Just for fun. Is it the original 801, matrix 801, Nautilus 801 Signature? Is it the Silver Signature? Signature 30's? The "pregnant penguin" DM6? The $250.00/pr DM302? Anyone remember the 808? Matrix800? Cast your vote. My choice as audiophile and fan for 30 years----the Original 801! I'll tally in 3 days and post the results.
801 ser II
Nautilus 801 (in red cherry!)
801 series II
N802 but have you seen the new sig. 800 in the high gloss red tigers eye? WOW!!!
The (Mighty) 808s, tri-wired
Preference P5 in light cherry.
Matrix 800----broke the mold.
I've owned the DM14, the DM2000, the M802, the M800 and the Signature 800. The Signature 800 blows away everything that came before it, including the M800.
The only one worth anything is the Silver Signature!!!
Actively bi-amped Matrix 800's
I honestly think B&W is overpriced...that being said...the entry level 601 s3 monitors are great little speakers...not much bass...but in a small room...they have that signature huge "soundstage" B&W is known for...a very overlooked speaker...and only $ you climb up the B&W line...the performance vs. price ladder is not in favor for B&W...there is Vandersteen,Maggies,etc. that really set the standard....
Matrix 3----pre Kevlar
I was really amazed at Phasecorrect's statement about B&W's price. I would say the opposite. Without going into the many virtues of the Nautilus speakers:
I would put my Dan D'Agostino's designed, actively biamped B&W800's up against almost anything at any price. The Wilson X-1's can't match up to them. My speakers my not be cheap ($15,000 + $4,000 x-over = $19,000), but in the arena of $80,000 speakers, they were an amazing bargain.

In my not so humble opinion,
I have a pair of 305s, 302s and a CC3 center in my HT.
Hate to say it..but Maggie 1.6s, Vandersteen 2 Sigs, and a host of other under 2k speakers really outperform comparable and even far more pricier B*W offerings...B*W has to pay for marketing somehow...
Certain comments appear to be out of Phase with the sprirt of the post.
Are we a little oversensitive today?...c'mon...this cant be the first time somebody has claimed B*W was overpriced...
The spirit of the post was to find out what B&W FANS thought was their greatest speaker achievment; price vs performance or just overall. There are many excellant speakers out there so if you feel one mfg. is better than another thats fine, it's your opinion. But no one can deny that B&W has done tremendous R&D for many years to push the realism of sound reproduction further: in this regard, it benefits us all.
The only B&W I would own: Nautilus 800
The B&W with best price/performance ratio: Matrix 801 S3

I agree with Phasecorrect in regards to the Nautilus line
being way overpriced. The Nautilus line did not deserve a 2x
markup from the S3 Matrix line. The N801 should be a $7500
speaker, not $11,000. And $16,000 for the N800 is almost
laughable. It's a nice speaker, but not $16,000 nice.

On the other hand, I think some of their less expensive
speakers are terrific values, especially the DM series.
I had 805's, 802s3, & now have 801s3 with Northcreek crossovers and a bass filter from Listenup. I love these speakers alot. Sure there is always something better & people like to knock down B&W. But let's ask the million dollar question? How many B&W speakers have you owned and with what gear!!!!!!!

Great Topic
I've been very happy with my 802 Matrix IIIs, though I couldn't justify an upgrade to the 802 Nautilus. I do think the Nautilus line is overpriced, but I guess someone has to pay for the R&D.
Looking at B&W distortion specs:
DM601s3 2nd and 3rd order harmonics:
<1% 88 - 20kHz (90 dB spl, 1m)

Nautilus 804 2nd and 3rd order harmonics:
<1% 70 - 20kHz (90 dB, 1m)
<.5% 150 - 18 kHz

At ~1/10 the cost of N804, the 601s3 is a fantastic value looking at specs like these. Small cabinet has little resonance so don't need expensive curved cabinet of Nautilus. Even has the tweeter tube.
The 601 is a good $450 entry level speaker...but lets not get carried is by no means a NAutilus product...even with the tweeter and "specs"....

Matrix 800 is the king :-)

I've had 808, 801F, matrix 801 s2, matrix 802 s3, matrix 3, john bowers active 1. Silver signature's are also nice.

The 801D nautilus is also interesting. But, I like big speakers. To the same category goes Dunlavy VI, Duntech sovereign and Infinity Beta-system.